Lincoln Road Mall

Miami is one of the hottest and hippest vacation destinations in the world. Known for its wonderful beaches, hotels, art deco architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Miami also offers the best shopping experience for both locals and tourists alike. In fact, Miami offers the best shopping on the East Coast of USA. Considered a fashion paradise, you don’t have to go to New York City for fashionable clothing and accessories because Miami has a lot of specialty shops and luxury boutiques.

To experience the best shopping in South Beach, try Lincoln Road Mall Miami. If you want a unique shopping experience, you may head on here. Lincoln Road mall is the alternative shopping centre in the region. It is approximately ten blocks wide. It is also hugely closed to traffic. This mall boasts of beautiful architecture, private cafes, and boutiques. Some of the best hotels in Miami are located near the area thus it is an ideal destination for a lot of tourists. Both locals and tourists flock to Lincoln Road Mall to for an entirely unique shopping experience.

For food lovers, you can check the stalls at the Green Market right on the upper east side of Lincoln Road. These stalls sell some local produce and you may want to check them out. They also sell incredible seafood. If you love crabs, you can indulge in some and they are freshly-caught. You may also want to try the best ribs in this area or taste their homemade snacks. Also found in the area are art and craft stalls that sell all kinds of trinkets.

Lincoln Road Mall doesn’t only offer the best and unique shopping experience when you’re in Miami. It is also a home to the finest restaurants in the city. Aside from the seafood, ribs, and homemade snacks that are being sold in the Green Market, there’s quite a few restaurant and bar options within the area that adds up to the flourishing and atmospheric nightlife.

Aside from the Lincoln Road Mall, you may also want to check out the Dolphin Mall which is the biggest mall in Miami with over 200 shops, restaurants, and cafes. Outlets such as Gap, Nike, and Starbucks can be found at the Dolphin Mall as well as designer outlets like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Dolphin Mall also has good restaurants to feed your gastronomic pleasures. You may want to try out KOBE Japanese Steak and Seafood, Tango Grill Parrillada and other Latin-influenced restaurants. If you want to try a different dining experience, then you may want to head on and check out Cinebistro. It is a concept cinema that features the finest wines and cocktails, world-class cuisine, and a good movie.

Indeed, Miami offers the best shopping experience on the East Coast. Throughout the years, Miami has developed its very own distinct sense of style. In fact, if you check out the Miami Fashion Week, you will notice that it is attended by thousands of international designers every year and is the biggest show for Latin-American and Caribbean designers in the world.