South Beach, Miami, Florida is not only famous for its wonderful beaches. It is also a home to many restaurants and dining places which are considered the best in the world. Although quite a number of popular restaurants in Miami have closed down, including the Frateli Lyon and Sustain Restaurant, many people cheered by the arrival of MC Kitchen by M&C Chefs Dena Marino and also Brandy Coletta. MC Kitchen is located where Lyon once stood. In Surfside, Chow Down by Chef Joshua Marcus was closed down and reopened Josh’s Deli instead. Josh’s Deli is a Jewish-style restaurant. They serve house-made meats as well as smoked salmon. Even the mustard at Josh’s Deli is homemade. This restaurant also hosted a pop-up Harding Dinner Series which featured some guest chefs.

Also found in South Beach is Villa Azur. When you’re in South Beach, you should not miss great restaurants here like Villa Azur. This restaurant is owned by three prominent restaurateurs. It is an elegant dinner club. It also has a popular daytime takeout counter which is available from 11am to 8pm. It also has received great reviews coming from New Times food critics for their mouthwatering macrons. A nearby Eden Restaurant also has shut down but Haven and Tudor House are both commemorating their anniversaries.

Other restaurants in Miami that are worth visiting are Chef Sam Gorenstein’s My Ceviche and Liza and GiGi Meoli’s Greek eatery, Ouzo that have partnered with David Long to refurbish Anise Taverna and reopen the River Shack. River Shack is located right off the Biscayne Corridor.

Chef Jeff McInnis, who was on Top Chef Season Five, abandoned the Ritz-Carlton South Beach and lined the Amir Ben-Zion Restaurant group at GiGi, the latest late night venture. GiGi is an Asian dining restaurant near Wynwood’s Bardot Nightclub. Gigi serves noodles, buns, and beer to an increasing MidTown hipster crowd. He later left the group and created his own bar called Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. Today, Yardbird is the hottest destination in South Beach for those who want Southern-Fried goodness. So if you are in South Beach for a vacation, do not forget to visit the many restaurants found in the area.

You may also want to check out Blue Collar formerly known as American Noodle Company which is found on the Biscayne Corridor. Or you may also head down Lincoln Road’s Sushi Samba Dromo which is headed by Chef Michael Bloise who left Wish Restaurant.

Other new restaurants in Miami include Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar and Latin American Café. If you want to taste the local’s favorite juicy patties and big onion rings, then head to the west side of town and eat at Burger and Beer Joint. There are still many excellent restaurants in South Beach that needs to be discovered. As the season starts to warm up, you shouldn’t miss scoring a table at some of the culinary hotspots to taste the best of South Beach Miami. After a good dinner in some of South Beach’s finest restaurants, you may also head down to various clubs and nightclubs in the city to experience Miami’s vibrant nightlife.