Art Deco

The famous Art Deco District Miami is one of the very popular areas in South Beach. If you are in Miami, you should not miss taking a look at the structures and buildings here that have Art Deco style of architecture. It is located along Ocean Driveand spans throughout the Miami Beach neighborhoods. The Art Deco District has more than 800 buildings. These buildings were constructed between 1923 and 1943. This area has a lot of historic landmarks like swank condos, variety of shops, museums, and boutique hotels. A few examples of Art Deco South Beach residences are The Carlyle, the Fontana, the Netherland, Flamingo Plaza, and the Vanderbilt.

The Art Deco real estate collection of South Beach is the world’s largest compilation of this style of architecture that it was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 in order to protect the integrity of its designs as well as to make sure that it still exists amidst the ever-changing taste in real estate on this area.

Art Deco basically was brought to Miami because of the major hurricane in 1926. The hurricane greatly destroyed the city. The area needed to be rebuilt and during that time Miami Beachwas a place where wealthy families live. And therefore, the area was redesigned with a new modern style of the time. Art Deco was introduced to the world stage in Paris back in 1925 at the World’s Fair. The ultramodern style, for the time, was regarded during the height of fashion. This style was used during the time when the city was renovated by the wealthy families who want to bring a piece of European home in Miami.

The characteristics of the Art Deco style can still be seen in some of the condominiums found in South Beach today including a rounded edges and portholes. In South Beach, the architects used a different form of local imagery in order to come up with what we call now, “Tropical Deco”. This style uses nautical themes and tropical floral and fauna as motifs. The nautical themes perfectly fit in a city like South Beach. The colors are also very beautiful.

The styles have pastel colors and neon accents. One of the obvious modern traits of the Art Deco architecture is the indication of gears, wheels, and machines suggestive of the technological boom between the 1920s and 1930s inAmerica. Art Deco is one of the first twentieth century architectural styles inAmerica. Art Deco comes in many different styles like Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, and Neoclassical. Buildings were usually neat as well as angular with advanced back appearances, asymmetrical or  symmetrical gathering as well as a powerful vertical marking.

Throughout the years, a lot of these historic structures slowly have fallen into despair. Modernization encouraged a movement in order to protect the structures of the neighborhood. Because it is included in the National Register of Historic Places, a new project was started to protect the buildings or structures in South Beach. Art Deco style has become a signature of Miami Beach. Many structures and buildings have been renovated and they were restored to their original splendor.